Connecting Delta Cities

About C40 and CDC

About C40 and CDC

About C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40) and Connecting Delta Cities (CDC)

Over 50% of the world population lives in cities. More than two thirds of the world's largest cities are vulnerable to rising sea levels as a result of climate change. Millions of people are being exposed to the risk of extreme floods and storms.

The goal of Connecting Delta Cities is to develop a network of delta cities that are active in the field of climate change related spatial development, water management, and adaptation, in order to exchange knowledge on climate adaptation and share best practices that can support cities in developing their adaptation strategies.

Connecting Delta Cities unites those delta cities who strive to make their cities climate proof. They join forces in their quest for:

  • innovative adaptation strategies
  • sharing knowledge
  • sharing best practices
  • Connecting Delta Cities combines the knowledge, experience and connections of Rotterdam, Tokyo, Jakarta, Hong Kong, New York, New Orleans, London, Ho Chi Minh City, Melbourne and others. 


The Connecting Delta Cities (CDC) network links cities at the policy level through bi-lateral Memorandum of Understandings and Letters of Intent between the CDC cities. Furthermore, (existing-) scientific networks are developed to support the CDC activities by providing information on climate trends, impacts and adaptation options. The CDC involvement of each city depends on how the individual cities have organized the development of their adaptation plans. But generally speaking, each city already has or is developing a pool of institutes and experts (policy, scientific, business) that can aid in developing such adaptation plans.  

In order to manage the flow of information between the CDC cities, a small CDC secretariat has been installed in Rotterdam.

About C40

C40 is a preeminent global organization and group of 59 cities committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and climate risks. C40 helps cities identify, develop, and implement local policies and programs that have collective global impact. Working across multiple sectors and initiative areas, C40 convenes networks of cities with common goals and challenges, providing  a suite of services in support of their efforts: direct technical assistance; facilitation of peer-to-peer exchange; and research & communications. Connecting Delta Cities is a network within C40’s Water & Adaptation Initiative.

Magazine "Resilient Cities and Climate Adaptation Strategies" CDC book volume 3 Available now. Download free of charge.

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