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Copenhagen: Climate Change Adaptation

Climate Change Adaptation

Copenhagen faces a number of challenges due to climate changes – but we are preparing ourselves!

To keep Copenhagen a safe and attractive capital to live in, we need to position us so we can take action in the right areas and benefit from the most appropriate measures.

A flexible approach

With the Copenhagen Climate Adaption Plan we are meeting the challenges now. A hallmark of the Climate Adaptation Plan is to invest in a flexible approach to climate adaptation which can be developed gradually over the coming years.

Climate adaptation work must not only focus on minimizing the risks in future climate change but also take advantage of the adaptation work to improve the life quality for the Copenhageners. We need to look at flexible solutions – where water and heat management works along side with urban planning and design and the development of recreational areas in the city.

So, climate adaptation and the development of an attractive and green major city will become two sides of the same coin.

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