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Rotterdam and climate change

Rotterdam and climate change

Rotterdam is situated about 40 km (24,9 mile) inland on the ‘New Meuse’ River (Nieuwe Maas), one of the channels in the North Sea delta formed by the rivers Rhine and Meuse. With a population of 600.000 the city of Rotterdam is small compared to other cities that participate in CDC. However, as part of the ‘Randstad’ - one of the largest urban areas in Europe – and as the largest harbor in Europe in terms of tonnage, Rotterdam is considered as the marine gateway to Western Europe.

Rotterdam has a temperate climate influenced by the North Sea, which maintains moderate temperatures throughout the year. Heat waves with temperatures above 30°C do occur, and will occur more frequently in the future. The annual precipitation is ca. 800 mm (31.5 inch) per year. Whilst monthly precipitation totals are fairly equally distributed over the year, the intensity of rainfall events is greater in the summer.

Horizon: Global Weirding – BBC-coverage of the water storage facility

BBC Two series Horizon covered the water storage facility included with the Museumpark parking garage.

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