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Tokyo and climate change

Tokyo and climate change

Tokyo is the capital of Japan and is located in the Kanto region of Central Honsu, next to Tokyo Bay. The city is located on a floodplain of three large rivers: the Sumida River, the Ara River and the Edo River. The Sumida River flows through the centre of the Metropolis and is integrated in the urban pattern of the city. The Edo River and the Ara River are located in the outer districts of Tokyo. Large parts of Tokyo are located below the flood level of its main rivers.

Japan has an annual precipitation of roughly 1800 mm (70.9 inches). Heavy precipitation takes place during the rainy season in June and July, during the typhoon season in September and October, and during winter snowfall in northern Japan. As Japan is a narrow and highly mountainous country, the rivers are short, steep and flow rapidly. After high rainfall events, the discharge can be a 100 times higher than the minimum discharge. Tokyo is just one of the places prone to subsequent short flood pulses of less than two days.

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